The Weight of Light, In ‘Gravitas’Series by Frederic Weber

"Gravitas" by Frederic Weber is a photographic series with a self-explanatory title, that speaks of weight in its most archetypical, elusive form.

With the Latin title, the artist is not referring to the weight of our bodies as indicated by a scale, but rather is searching for a poetic of gravity in its design on our skin.

With the use of film that enhances the presence of light, and that of chemistry and a particular emulsion, Frederic explores with great technical and expressive dexterity the theme of passing from middle-aged to elderly.

The artist – whose photos are included in some of the most important museum collections of the world – composes collages of photographic fragments that portray faces through various phases of existence, juxtaposing youth and old age.

Fragments that mix together in a game of chromatic shading and contrasts, providing a rich pigmentation to the prints.

Series "Gravitas" synthesizes various techniques and elements in small but intense compositions. As in the short poem by Salvatore Quasimodo:

Everyone’s always alone on the earth’s breast pierced by a ray of sunlight and suddenly it’s evening.

Only three verses that condense the withering of life, contrasted by the lyrical image of light.