GO + SEE in Philadelphia The University of the Arts Presents Photographer Frederic Weber: Domestic Views

I went to Philadelphia to attended the opening of Frederic Weber's Domestic Views. A surprise because I hate traveling for just about anything. I can say the trip  was worth it because of the surprise element Mr. Weber had a collaborator his youngest daughter, Lily. 

Lily constructed paper dolls of her family and friends and preceded to do little stories (I had a paper doll moment).For me the best part of the exhibition is the deconstruction and Lily's presence and participation in her father exploration of childhood.

There are photographs of toys and childhood play things taken in layered focus attempts to create child like views.But the drama comes in the imagination of a child, adults will always be on the outside that is what it should be and that is where dreams begins.

There is a secondary observation of toys and things like stickers but I think nothing speaks like these reconfigured drawing that becomes a diorama of family dynamics out of it all comes the most amazing connection between a father who creates visually and a child feeling the surge of the intuitive creation. The most magical  photograph to me is entitled Face, this image goes back to when I met Frederic nearly 18 years ago, when one of his favorite artists was Christopher Bucklow from Bristol England.

Lily's created  Face "1000 points of light " for her dad and it caused me to wonder,how did she know because this one images ties them together and connects many of his earlier bodies of work with an ease that is only allowed to the innocent and the free.

GO + SEE, John Bennette